Brand Services for Small to Mid-sized Businesses that are ready to Launch or Grow!

Are You Ready for Your Brand to Take Off?

It’s time to go public with your superpower. You need your customers to not only know who you are, but to call on you when they need help. But the problem is, you lack authority and exposure, your business image is Clark Kent, easily ignored and quickly forgotten.

It's time to get unstuck and take the next step with confidence!

Being better is no longer enough, you have to be different. You need to unfurl your cape and unveil your super-power to the world! Your potential customers want to see how the products and services you have are different or new to what they already have. That gives them a way to rank their options. It’s not always the best that wins, but the best known that wins.

With clarity in your business, your brand and team are aligned in everything that happens. Who you are is defined, and what you say and do is clear. Synced like fighter jets in an airshow. Everything is unified and effective. The right brand strategy takes out the guesswork for your business. You’ll no longer ask “what do I do next?” you have the tools your team needs to move forward and focus on what you do best.

Smart brands start with a strong foundation that’s solid and scalable and that only comes from clarity and differentiation.

Do you want your brand to:​

"It's good to Be great, but it's best to be different"

Packages ASSEMBLE!

Ready to fly? We’ve created three packages The Sidekick, The Hero and The Legend that make it easy for you to take that next step in the right direction. Need an Infinity Stone level upgrade? We can “assemble” the right solutions to help you at wherever next leap your business needs to take.


30-Day Kick Start

Launching a business can be exhausting, worrying about your visuals is just another thing that clips your cape and takes your attention away from the things you love doing.

The Sidekick Package is a perfect way to get an online presence for you if you’re launching something new or need a rebrand that will reset you moving forward. You know you want to look right and legit because that will immediately start building brand equity and authority, but your budget does not allow for thousands of dollars for a full website.

  • Discovery Call

  • A One-on-One Deep Strategy Session

  • Custom Logo Package

  • Landing Page

    For lead capture and conversion

  • Brand Guideline Quick Reference

  • Google Business Profile

    (Level 1)

  • Website Hosting

    3 Months FREE Hosting

  • Email Hosting

    One Free Email Address


60-Day Level Up

You’re flying, you have momentum, but there’s a nemesis that keeps pulling you down. It’s your brand positioning and visuals.

The Hero Package is for you if you’re ready to align your website and business image with who you are now. You’re done with them looking outdated and irrelevant, and you’re ready for and evolution or maybe even a revolution.

  • Discovery Call

  • A One-on-One Deep Strategy Session

  • Custom Logo Package

  • Custom 5 Page Website for Lead Capture and Conversion

  • Brand Guideline

  • Social Media Branding

  • Social Media Posting

    3 Months

  • Search Engine Optimization

    (Level 1)

  • Google Business Profile

    (Level 2)

  • Website Hosting

    3 Months FREE hosting

  • Email Hosting

    Three Free Email Addresses


90-Day Domination

You’re ready to give your competition a round-house to the noggin, but feels more like you’re shadowboxing.

The Legend Package is for you if you’re ready to differentiate your brand with a strong visual brand identity, and then drive traffic to your website Chuck Norris fast. How fast is that? Well, let’s just say, Chuck Norris is so fast, he can run around the world and punch himself in the back of the head. 

  • Discovery Call

  • A One-on-One Deep Strategy Session

  • Brand Audit

  • Brand Clarity Workshop

    Get clear on your audience and how to reach them.

  • Custom Logo Package

  • Custom 5-10 Page Website for Lead Capture and Conversion

  • Brand Guidelines

    Colors, fonts and proper usage guidelines.

  • Social Media Posting

    6 Months

  • Advanced SEO

  • Google Business Profile

    (Level 3)

  • Press Release & Distribution

    (90+ Channels)

  • PR: Article Placement

    Article placement into a news media or related industry publication

  • Website Hosting

    One Year Free Website Hosting

  • Email Hosting

    Unlimited Email Addresses

Some work samples created while serving as Creative Director at Mad Genius and as part of The Hive.

Client Stories

Straight away, I knew Paul would be an absolute joy to work with. He’s conversational, experienced, kind, understanding, and fiercely talented. Paul not only drew on years of design knowledge and expertise to accomplish the project, but he did it with passion and a genuine care for our cause. I couldn’t have asked for more. I wholeheartedly recommend Paul.

Joshua Henry | A21
Marketing and Communication Manager

Three variables that help a brand’s success is fresh, out-of-the-box thinking, compelling design that disrupts the white noise of marketing ecosystems, and having inspired, enthusiastic brand ambassadors that can tell a brand’s story in a compelling way. With Paul, you get all three. If you’re a future client of Paul’s, you will also benefit personally from his “head smack” creative philosophy and the Aussie hospitality typical of other folks from ‘down under’.

Frank Owen Jr. | Mad Genius
VP, Strategist & Operations

The number one quality that stands out about Paul from the moment you begin working with him is his ability to listen intently and draw from his deep well of experience to land on smart solutions quickly. That is an asset Paul brings to every challenge because he knows that no matter how beautiful and strong a design may be, if it doesn’t help a brand achieve its business goal it’s not good brand strategy. It’s that discernment that elevates his keen sense of design to another level and makes his ability to mentor Junior Designers so valuable. He approaches each project—from developing brand identities to designing looks for web sites and marketing campaign in every medium—with a firm understanding of the goal, the timetable, the cross-discipline needs and the budget to keep projects on track for his clients and his team. In Discovery Meetings and Presentations, Paul is articulate, well-prepared and adept at thinking on his feet. He never asks anything of his team that he isn’t prepared to do himself, and he always stays calm and upbeat in the face of daunting challenges. Paul also stays on top of evolving trends in Marketing to keep his skills relevant, as well as those of the Creatives he mentors. Paul’s combination of fresh creativity, strategic acumen, unquestionable work ethic and collaborative spirit is rare. He is a true asset to any team or project!

Eric Hughes Jr | Primos Hunting
Senior Manager, Brand Managment

It’s my absolute pleasure to recommend Paul Povolni.

Paul and I worked together at Mad Genius, Creative Fusion for three and a half years. I thoroughly enjoyed my time collaborating with Paul, and came to know him as a responsive, friendly member of our team.

He is honest, dependable, and hard-working. Beyond that, Paul’s unflinching positive attitude and process-driven approach are what separates him from other creative individuals. He has an undeniable talent for brand management and never missed a deadline during our tenure together.

Paul was an absolute joy to work with. He is a true team player, who fosters positive discussions and brings the best out of those around him.

Without a doubt, I confidently recommend Paul to manage any creative endeavor. As a dedicated and knowledgeable colleague and an all-around great person, I know that he will be a beneficial addition to any project.

Rob Bridges | Mad Genius
Chief Creative Officer, Mad Genius

Paul (VOPPA) was integral in our design work when we founded Lake Saint Louis Family Church. He helped us with logo design, banners, flyers, and much more. He was an invaluable resource as we branded the Family Church name. His work is consistently excellent. I highly recommend Paul Povolni!

Jennifer Johnson | Lesh Photography

Paul is one of the most creative and talented people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. I’ve seen him design many world-class projects and contribute tirelessly to our innovative processes at Group. Paul’s also one of the most forward-thinking professionals I’ve worked with, and I frequently turn to him with questions about the condition and future of computer & internet technology. He’s also a genuinely great guy, and it was a pure joy to work with him. I recommend Paul with the highest regard.

Jeff White | Group Publishing
Development Champion

I hired Paul to do the graphics and branding for Capital Realty Advisors. He did a great job and we’ve received some great feedback from his work. We use his branding ideas on everything. Thanks Paul!

Brian Patton, CCIM | Brian Patton Commercial

Paul helped our 125 yr old company rebrand itself. His creative work and influence has presented tremendous value to our company.

Brandon Scott Minor | TrustGDC
Marketing Director

I found Paul to be a thoughtful and organized creative professional with a talent for both big-picture thinking and detail-oriented analysis. He speaks with authority and understands how to put himself in a client’s shoes to offer personalized, workable marketing and advertising solutions. He is also an engaging speaker with an interestingly circuitous personal and career history upon which to draw. This unique perspective lends itself well to developing creative advertising concepts, campaigns and programs.

Jeff Pedigo | Mad Genius
Associate Creative Director

It was great to work with Paul Povolni on this. He employed a system of discovery to get into my head and into the local market that enabled me to define and refine the vision for the new church and then for Paul to represent it in a unique visual image that is unlike anything else in the area. We love our HillCity logo and visual branding!!! It certainly sets us apart. Great job Paul!!!

Patrick Rowell | Hillcity Church
Lead Pastor

Paul has delivered more than anticipated value in designing more than just a logo but helping us to better define our brand voice and how it ties into all we do. He does a great job of getting to the real needs that even we had not thought about.

Bryan Bootka | Optimum Keto
Marketing Director

We talked with Paul regarding growing our business and how to do that, specifically regarding expanding our customer base. Paul was extremely helpful and made a real effort to understand our needs. I am happy to recommend him to anyone who is seeking a great business coach!

Joel Bean | AGC Network Relocation

Paul helped in every design aspect from creating the logo, website content design and social media graphics. Through all of this he has coached us with growing our business and implementing a long term plan for the expansion across North America.

Jerry Forst | Legacy Senior Insurance

I would like to recommend Paul Povolni for anyone who wants or needs a way to think outside the box. If you are looking to rebrand your business on social media or maybe refocus your personal plan for the future, Paul can help you identify what changing your approach can look like. He isn’t the “Answer Man”, but he has the knowledge and insight to guide clients to a new vision for their future.
He also has a really cool accent.

Cheers Paul and thanks for lending a hand in my new vision as well.

Ash Taylor | Bad Ash Media
Actor, President

When I first engaged Paul our company had outgrown its original brand. The logo, fonts, etc. were stale and didn’t convey the authority that we had earned in the financial industry. Paul literally breathed new life into our existing identity and reminded us that you don’t have to completely overhaul your brand identity to make a huge impact on brand perception. Our executive team couldn’t be happier and we’ll most definitely be engaging Paul again for future projects.

Matt Craig | Fountainhead
Chief Marketing Officer

I have worked with Paul for two decades on a variety of projects. Paul has designed various projects for me including book covers, magazines, special event promotions, conferences, and identity packages. It has been a joy to work with Paul! I have referred others to him on numerous occasions, and I wholeheartedly will refer him in the future.

Rodney Shaw | New Life Church Austin
Senior Pastor

Paul helped us launch our business. He created our logo, website, and Facebook page. We could not be happier with the designs he came up with. We highly recommend him.

Les Battles | Generator Tech

We LOVE it! It’s exactly what we envisioned from the start!
Thank you so very much for your diligence and attention to detail on this project! We know this logo will serve us for many, many years to come.

You will most definitely be getting our recommendation!

Scott Nicols | Destiny Church
Senior Pastor

Paul is fantastic! He quickly took our vision to the next level and created phenomenal marketing materials for all of our unique campaigns. From the website, to the pitch decks, to the white pages, he has set our office up for a successful year of fundraising! On top of that, Paul made the creation process very easy with quick design updates and clear communication. Such a joy to work with!

Samantha Riccio | Fashion Institute of Technology
Project Manager

When we reached out to Paul we knew we would be getting an awesome logo for our new business. What we didn’t realize is that we would be getting that and a whole lot more. He not only designed an incredible logo for our brand but he brought an immense knowledge of branding to the table. He is a logo designer and business/brand consultant all in one. After a few strategy sessions with Paul we changed the name of our start-up and it turned out to be the best decision for our business! We feel there is no other way to start a business than with having complete confidence in your brand and Paul delivered a branding package that gave us that confidence.

Zack Kile | Backwoods Grind Coffee Company

Would LOVE to give a HUGE Shout-Out to the Creative Genius behind this project @voppa / Paul definitely exceeded expectation. Paul and I and had worked together on a few projects in the distant past, and I always loved his work and professionalism. I now was afforded the opportunity to reconnect again on a special piece from foundation to finish… our church concept and logo for BridgeChurch I The Woodlands.

The dialog of direction and concept was precise and to the point of what we desired in a logo for our community. Clean and Clear… our concept proof was AMAZING in meeting all of our needs, yet with the thoughtful advise of certain specifics that he felt strongly about.

Ultimately, this logo exceeded our exceptions of Clean, Clear, and Concise… a logo that is VERY reproducible, simple, yet strong in purpose and meeting our mission for our community….

Connecting Community To Christ.

Martin Gantt | BridgeChurch
Founding Pastor